Focused Highlight of a Snapshot Lesson

Hello, everyone! I am so sorry I have waited this long to post a re-cap of my mission trip to Bithlo, FL. Here it is; ENJOY!



Thank you for your support. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for partnering with me in a life-changing, destiny-transforming opportunity in Florida.

Before it got too late, I wanted to send you all an update and thank-you letter in response to my mission trip I took with my classmates to Bithlo, FL this past April. It means a lot to me that I had such a support team behind me in so many different places. YOU had a part in this trip when you decided to read my support letter, read and comment on my blog, pray for my team and I, and/or support me financially to get to Florida. I appreciate you so highly for these reasons!

Bithlo has made a huge impact on me. What God is doing in this small but significant town is truly marvelous. I was reminded how God uses the most ordinary things and people to really bring about change and life to those who are lost. Whether it was working one-on-one with some kindergarten students with learning disabilities or hauling donated school furniture after furniture across the city, never think what you are doing is meaningless. Everything we did in Bithlo, everything you are doing right now in your life and routine, had and has purpose!

One of the smallest things that had the hugest impact was working with the kindergarten class. My friend and classmate, Karissa, and I were assigned to help in this rowdy class. Working in this class taught me patience and grace when all I wanted to do was cry from frustration or just give up. God really showed me how he loves me when I act just like a disobedient kindergartener toward him. Being in Bithlo really tested my strength and reliance as well. Jet lag really took its toll on my body, and I was exhausted and worn out for most of the trip – I couldn’t seem to ever find rest while during my trip. It was so good to have a gracious and restful God who I know I can lay my tired head on. It was truly him who kept me going up there.

As much as it was so good to touch lives across the country in Florida, to smile and love on kids who never saw it in their homes, and to help be apart of transforming community, it lasted only a week. I am not in Bithlo anymore. It made me stop and think, Why don’t I do this in my own community? God can use me wherever, but why not be the change and bring the transformation where I am at right now. You honestly never know whose destiny you can impact with a simple smile, kind word, or helpful action. I can do this where I live. I don’t need to go across the country to only do this, although it did help me open my eyes to this reality.

So, thank you again so much for your support and love that I know followed me across the country into a little town called Bithlo. It really means so much to me.


Love and Peace,


P.S. If you want to get a more detailed, day-to-day experience of what we did in Bithlo during our trip, I would encourage you to go to our team’s blog: You can also feel free to write me or give me a call or text, email, Facebook message, other social media interaction, or coffee (if you live close) to hear more about my trip. Would love to talk your ear off!





All the Way from Bithlo

Hey all! I’ve been in Bithlo, FL. the past week or so. My team is keeping a blog on what we have been up to (and I wrote a post) here in Florida.


Please check it out! Go to to see it!


Snapshot Lessons: Failure

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”  I couldn’t have said it better myself, Henry Ford. Failure is a big, sad word – to most. I know because I use to be one of those people. But to me now, I believe that knowing who you are confidently and knowing in whom you place your identity in whole into changes that word completely. That word failure doesn’t hold any power against me or the things I haven’t accomplished. Like Henry said, “failure is simply [an] opportunity…”. And Christ, my identity and solid rock, is the cause of this word-changer. Learning more about Christ – and even myself – here at Adelphia Bible School this past year has been a bunch of “successes” and “failures” or maybe a better way to phrase it would be: a bunch of “good results” and “opportunities to try for good results”.  One of those projects that started on the right track for a great result was our Leading Up Conference that was going to be held the first week of April 2014.

The Leading Up Conference was going to be an end-of-the-DKS school year where the students of the 2nd Year Diakonos (DKS) Leadership Program taught workshops on previous classes they experienced throughout the year. Leading Up was going to be about teaching high school juniors and senior the importance of young leadership and the power they have to influence. We had lined up a couple different power-house speakers and an amazing worship band to fill out our general sessions. Sounds like a great retreat, right? Well, here is where I “failed”. It got cancelled from a lack of effort, participation, and activity put forth from my class to get things done to make it happen to get high school students here. Don’t get me wrong – we made some progress. We had some things sorted out and established, but there wasn’t anyone signed up. Something I learned in the planning process of this retreat was the importance of marketing early on, yes, but also the importance of motivation. Being motivated to get something done is everything. If you lack the desire to see something through, most likely it won’t come to completion. People in this world who do the most and get the most done (whether in a secular sense or for-the-kingdom-of-God sense) are the ones who have a passion for what they are doing. They believe it in and run sprint with it. I did not have this sort of fire down in my heart for this conference, unfortunately. I made other things and opportunities in my life a higher priority than this project for school. It was hard to round a gang to stand with you to work on this conference project when you yourself were displaying so evidently an attitude of apathy. As much as I wanted to see this Leading Up Conference jump off our paper and become a reality, I didn’t truly have the faith or heart to see it happen from the beginning. It was too late.

Learning this lesson of failure, it was been a tough process. I haven’t been wanting to accept that I had any part in its lack of success. But I contributed just as much as everyone else in my DKS class. I’ve learned what it means to have a certain time frame to plan, advertise, and produce a full scale retreat and what happens when you wait too long to do (let alone start) these things. I’ve also learned that from what Henry Ford was trying to get at, I now have an opportunity to begin again but with some new insight, wisdom, and intelligence on how to better next time. If I were ever asked again to help make a retreat happen, I think I would take that opportunity. Thank you, Jesus, that you have allowed me to go through this sort of growth process. It was very much needed.

Snapshot Lessons: Bithlo, Florida

“God will get things accomplished whether we are involved or not.” – Tim McKinney

This last week, Adelphia had Tim Mckinney out to teach my DKS (Diakonos) class. He came all the way from Orlando, Florida to hang with us a few days and talk to us nine students what it means to “Lead as Transformers”.  Tim is a huge fan of Bithlo, Florida – a small town a little under 20 miles East of Orlando. Bithlo is a surprising town – not many know of it, and if you do, it usually isn’t in a positive light.

Since 2009, Tim McKinney has been heavily involved with an organization called United Global Outreach to really transform this poverty-stricken town. Tackling the issues of providing clean public water,  public transportation going in and out of town, and education started in Bithlo, it has been no easy task. I got to be involved with some of the change that has been going on there last year, when I went to Bithlo with Adelphia last April. I am so excited to return again and see even more of a transformation taking place not only in the school and area, but in the hearts of the citizens there as well.

Tim shared a little of how to transform our own communities back here where we live. It was so refreshing to hear him speak of how God can use us to make big differences. I want to share some of what he told us, what I wrote down:

WHO: “You are more qualified than you realize…the circumstances you face doesn’t change the mission.”

WHAT: “If you can do, do it…love is a powerful force.”

WHERE: “Where? Wherever you can make a difference… It’s not about a calling, it’s a choice.”

WHEN: “NOW. Don’t waste time – time can’t be retrieved.”

WHY: “God expended his redemptive nature to us, why not do that to others? Tell them their value!”

There is so much more that he shared; it was so good. God is doing some great and awesome things in Bithlo! I can’t wait to be apart of it again when I go down there again in April in a couple months. For right now, I am going to be praying for them, for myself, for my team, for Tim. Please pray with me. And also pray for your own communities right outside your door. Although going states away, or even countries away, is good, there is so much hurt that lies right outside your front door. Be Jesus to those poeple. And do it now.

Prayers & Praises

Hello Friends and Family!

Today (and pretty much every day) I need prayer. I’ve learned so much this year about the concept of prayer. I have so much more respect for this communication with my Creator. Everytime I prepare my heart and open up my mouth or heart to speak to my God, I am only able to by the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. He made this communication possible. I am directly entering into the throne room of my heavenly Father, who is holy beyond compare, who holds the universe in the palm of his hand. Wow, that demands respect rather than a simple wish list thrown into the air hoping he hears it. Prayer is powerful.

With all that briefly said, please don’t take these requests lightly. I would love your prayers more than anything. Just keep in mind the powerfulness you are pocessing. So, If you can, remember me and please pray for:

  1. Finances God is doing great things at Adelphia, and I am still so blessed be apart of the community here. I still have one term left, and I know and am confident that God will provide the tuition for this last term here. Another thing fast apporaching is the mission trip payment deadline; at the end of this month, I will be needing to reach my goal of $850. Pray, pray, pray for those to donate towards this cause! I still have a lot to raise.
  2. Bithlo, Florida My mission trip to Florida is in April, and I am stoked to go and see what God is doing there! Please pray for the hearts of those over in the city of Bithlo. Also, be praying for my teammates – our lives can be transformed as well. If you would like more infomation on Bithlo, let me know. Pray, pray, pray for Bithlo!
  3. Priorities There is a lot going on here. Bewteen work in the office everyday, a wonderful boyfriend, class, class responsiblities, church and church activities, and getting to hang with awesome can be difficult to prioritize my time and events. If you could please be praying that I make good decisions daily on how and when to spend my time, that would be great.

Big Praise!

  1. Praise that God does provide! Thank you to those who have supported me 🙂

Thank you also for taking the time to read my blog posts!! Love you!!

From Another’s Eyes: Sabrina

I am pleased to share with you: Sabrina Elzinga, Dean of Women at Adelphia Bible School. She is more than just a lady who works behind the scenes to make sure student life is running smoothly or who organizing ice cream study parties at her and her husband AJ’s house for the students here. Sabrina is one of my friends who has showed great love and grace to me over these couple years I’ve known her.

When I asked her to be a guest on my blog, (and she said yes!) I knew you  would all be getting a treat. Her love for God is so evident in the very words she writes. Please enjoy her post today and don’t be afraid to read and follow her blog: Here is what she wrote for me to post today:


As I sit here in the warm security of our little humble abode; my
favorite candle flickering to my left and a hot cup of mate to right, my
thoughts can’t help but drift towards the noisy storm out my window. I
don’t know what the weather’s like on your side of the world, but up here
in northeast Washington we’ve been experiencing chillier winter weather.
While our friends and family down in P-town area who have been
experiencing their very own “Winter Wonderland,” here at the cottage
Mr. E and I have been greeted with quite a different winter storm. A
winter wind storm.

You may be thinking, “Sabrina, don’t you have anything better to talk
about than the weather?” Trust me, I do. Just hear me out…

Whether a soft gentle breeze or a mighty gust, over time, things like
mountains, hills and seas have all been impacted by wind. Wind has a
way of reshaping our surroundings, and world. Mr. E and I consider it a
blessing to live on a lake and be able wake up to its lovely surroundings
each morning. Exquisite sunrises, a quiet, still lake half-glassed over,
mountains and hills dusted with fresh white snow, and a diverse collection
of rich green plant life and beautiful trees.

Trees are just one more of the many things that can experience the effects
of a blustery environment. After a number of days of this windy, cold
weather they have certainly been impacted, the evidence is all over the
ground in the form of tiny pine needles, broken limbs and branches.

Upon first glance this may seem like a negative thing. However, I wonder
if windy storms might actually be necessary to these trees. Could these
wind actually be more helpful than harmful? Does the impact of wind on
a tree make it weaker or stronger? After doing a little research I
discovered some very interesting things about how wind can effect trees
beyond their surface and it’s lead me to believe that all of the changes
that are taking place in the lives of these trees may be a great picture of
how “life’s storms” can impact our own lives.

Like the trees at Lake Retreat, a tree may lose some of it’s weaker/dead
branches and twigs during a wind storm. However, this is a necessary and
helpful process in order to help the tree make room for new/live growth.
Also, when the body of a tree or a branch or a twig is bent by a gust of
wind, the sap-cells are compressed on one side of the bend and stretched
on the other. In both cases the result is that, as the bent branch or body
straightens again, and the sap-cells reopen, an extra supply of sap is
pumped, by suction, to these points of strain. Thus the tree is not only
made to grow larger and stronger at these points, but the whole tree
grows faster and stronger; just as the exercise of your legs and arms not
only strengthens them, but affects your whole body.

Sometimes the trials in our lives feel like a wind storm does to a tree. The
storms of life help us lose some of the unhelpful and unnecessary things
we’ve been holding onto (past sins, shame, fear, doubt, bitterness, despair,
failure, etc.). Storms change us, and can even be painful. But it’s
necessary for our spiritual growth, and is used by God as a tool to
strengthen our faith and make us more like Himself.

When high winds come along no matter how stout your trunk and your
limbs and your branches may be, it’s all over with you unless you’ve got a
firm grip on the earth under your feet! A tree, to hold its own, must be
well rooted in the soil; and its roots must constantly tighten their grip in
proportion to the strain on the wind-tossed branches. So, by the same
automatic pumping system that strengthens the body of the tree, the
roots are strengthened for their work. For this reason you’ll see more
surface roots on trees growing in thick woods, or in the shelter of hills,
than on trees in the open, and standing wide apart. Trees in the open
strike their lateral roots deeper to resist the wind strain. Trees of the
thick woods, finding plenty of food near the surface of the ground and
being protected from the winds by each other, don’t feel any necessity for
paying premiums for high-wind insurance by sinking their roots deep.

Like the tree, we need to have a “firm grip on the earth under our feet”
when we go through various trials. Being well rooted in the soil of God’s
promises is essential to weathering the storm. I’m becoming continually
more and more aware about how much I need to be in constant, deep
relationship with God. Spending time in His Word, and praying are some
of the things that help me stay rooted in who God is and what He’s
promised. And like the tree, those who are planted in a surrounding that
allows them to be supported and protected by others have a better
chance at seeing their storm through. I’m being reminded how important
it is for me to be in regular fellowship with other believers.

Wind is designed by God to strengthen trees both above-ground and
below-ground. Like trees, the trials are designed by God to strengthen
believers both above and below the ground. Today I thank God for the
trials He’s allowed, is allowing and will continue to allow into my life
because I know that, while painful, these are the very things that make
me more like Himself.

I leave you, today, with one of my favorite passages & prayers in all of

For this reason I bow my knees before the Father, !om whom every family in
heaven and on earth is named, that according to the riches of his glory he may grant
you to be strengthened with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that
Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith—that you, being rooted
and grounded in love, may have strength to comprehend with all the saints what is
the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ that
surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. Now to him
who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or think, according to
the power at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations, forever and ever. Amen.
Ephesians 3:14-21

Leaning on the promises of God,

Mrs. E

Highlights: January in a Few Words

Do you ever feel like you’ve had a fast week? Like, really, I felt like this past week was only two days long. Then I wonder, “Is this good?” I don’t know, and I’m not sure – but it happened. And here I find myself blogging on a Monday evening. Geez, right? Pull yourself together, Catie.

Well fast week or slow week, this I know to always be true: my God never changes. Even though my days zoom on by, I can always know that the sun will rise as God kisses the sky with good morning. And He is there, waiting for me on the couch in the lounge to put all else aside to just desire His beautiful heart that morning. A daily lesson emerges from the pages of a devotional, a passage in His Word, or a single word from a bottle to describe one of his many attributes. I try to carry that throughout my day.

Below are some highlights of last month’s findings:

I learned that character words are relationship words. In our first class back from Christmas break, we had Jay Held, a professor at Multnomah University, come to teach the DKS Class on Vulnerability. Touchy subject, I know. It was a good class, full of insightful truths and helpful take-aways. One statement he made, though, that first day was “Think about this: character word – like trustworthy, kind, and dedicated – are relationship words. They have to do with being in relationship or being involved with other people.” I know this concept wasn’t revolutionary, but it struck me hard. It made a lot of sense to me. Our personalities and beings were created to be with other people, not to be with ourselves alone. It made me think of a whole new perspective on qualities that people possess and how they use them with those who surround them.

Loving people is hard. I love to love people. I love to see them happy. I enjoy serving them and meeting their needs. But to be honest, it can become a stressful thing. In the process of loving people, I forgot to love myself. God has been teaching me to do some self-care so that I don’t become insane 🙂 I have realized my boundaries, and I’ve been learning to say “no” – even though it’s hard, uncomfortable, and not my first choice.

God has a plan for me, and I shouldn’t be all caught up in it. It’s been awesome living here at Adelphia knowing that these next few months are taken care of. I have somewhere to sleep, eat, and study. But what about after Adelphia? I ask myself, probably, every other day. Where will I end up? Where will I live? What will I do? Who will cook for me? All these logical questions run through my head. I ever wonder when they will finally collapse of exhaustion. Then I find I do… BUT, these past few weeks have been so tremendously good in that I have had people here tell not to worry, not to stress, trust in your God. He has a great plan for you! Yes, I know that, but I want to know what it is. I was reminded that God sometimes says, “If I showed you all of me [what I have planned for you], you wouldn’t be able to handle it.” God’s glory and wonderful nature is too much. I need to be content with trusting that He knows what he is doing. And be okay with and leave it at that.

I was humbled. Going along with everything from above, it kind of all flowed together into these three words: I was humbled. I realized who I was – a lowly person who couldn’t be sight of a great and powerful God – and who I now am – a person who is called out of that kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. When you gain a perspective that makes you stop and ask yourself, “What am I doing?”, it changes things a little bit. I have so much respect for the creator of the universe who wants and desires an intimate relationship with me above all else because He loves me. My heart can’t take it. I fall to my knees in eye-opening amazement and heart-stopping excitement. He loves me.

I don’t know, and it’s okay. Have peace! When people ask me out of curiosity what I’ll be doing in a few short months, I can’t give them an answer. I find I do, but everyone walks away with something different because I don’t know what to tell them. I am finding this is more okay than ever. Like I stated before, I am choosing to trust. I just everyone to know that.

Thank you for reading my post today! Stay tuned for this Saturday’s special blog post….. 🙂

Snapshot Lessons: Antioch/Tuesday/Sean’s Class

It’s been a month full of traveling flights, returned routines, new resolutions, and humbled hearts. It’s been quite a full month.

I won’t get into all of that now, but I do want to tell a little about what I’ve been learning here at Adelphia. So, Adelphia Bible School gets its credits through Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development – a school recognized for its raising up of church leaders and materials. This accredited option at Adelphia is optional for students. If chosen to take Adelphia for credit, students are able to earn 16 semester credits at the end of the year.

At the start of this school year in October, our Antioch Class day was on Tuesdays for the Diakonos 2nd year students. Our resident teacher, Sean Post, teaches that class weekly. Usually thoat class consist of study of the early church in Acts, Culture in Theology, and the Pauline Epistles (among other things..). For the last few weeks, Sean has been teaching through Old Testament Theology. It’s been really interesting going through the Pentateuch and seeing God there – the same God who lives with us now was there in the beginning.

I’ve really enjoyed something we’ve done in class these last two weeks. My classmates and I had to preach “mini-sermons” from the Pentateuch. These mini-sermons are 6-8 minutes long. It’s been quite fun, difficult, and interesting hearing nine Bible school students speaking from the Word of God on something they found fascinating to talk about. I know for me, it’s been very exciting. Who knew that I would tap into the inner preacher in me? 😉 Ha – kidding. But I did very much enjoy standing up there. I think with a little more training, and a lot of practicing slowing down my words, I could be much better at this thing.

Anyways, starting the first week of February, our Antioch class will merge with the First Years’ class with Sean. I am very much looking forward to joining classes with all them!

 Please continue to pray for me!

Here is a couple ways to pray:

That I continue to grow in my relationship with the Lord

That I grow as a leader to my peers

For Bithlo, FL as my team prepares to go on our Mission Trip

That I would get in all my fundraising for me to go on the trip

For my classmates’ hearts here as well

Thank you!

Above is a video a preview for the CD I am selling to raise money for my mission trip! I am on it – Nati and I wrote and read a spoken word on it!

Christmas Post

Hello, my friends!

I hope I don’t make this a habit of posting only on or near holidays… but here we go: Christmas Post.

If you don’t know, I am from the lovely, sunny paradise of San Diego, California (Pine Valley and Lakeside to be more specific). So for Christmas break from Adelphia, I find myself planted on some equal lovely couches in my parents’ homes in California. It’s been so nice to feel the sun again. I can feel smiles forming on my epidermis as it rejoices in the true warmth of the sun. Ahh, so good.

I have been home for about 3 weeks, and it feels a lot like letters being in algebra – I can function where I am, but I just want to be where I belong (in the alphabet in the first grade classroom wall) 😉 Okay, that was a stretch, but honestly, it’s been great here in the sun and visiting with family. But, it’s time to get back to where I feel I belong and with I am doing. Adelphia is where I belong in this season of my life, and I couldn’t be happier.

Here are some highlights of my visit here in California

One of my favorite places

One of my favorite places

Down the Road

Ocean Beach

My Mama's Potrero Cabin

My Mama’s Potrero Cabin

Christmas in Lakeside Abode

Christmas in Lakeside Abode

Christmas at the Lakeside Abode

Matching Jammies for the boyfriend and I. He came to visit!

Christmas at Oma's

Christmas at Oma’s



Christmas Eve at the Beach!

Christmas Eve at the Beach!

I’ve learned a lot while being back home. I have learned to truly trust in our all-powerful Creator; he’s got it in control. I also learned that it isn’t easy trusting – it’s difficult. Really difficult. I need to rest in the peace of an all-knowing, all-powerful God in any and every situation. He never fails. I need to accept that peace that my Heavenly Father offers to me. “Take it and rest,” He tells me, like, every day. And not to rest as in to be lazy and inactive, but rest as in having my heart find comfort and restoration in His arms of security and control.

This break was a time of trustful rest. And even though I am entering back into the busy routine of school, work, relationships, and responsibilities, I want to hold on to this golden nugget of a reminder to trust, accept the peace, and rest. In Jesus’ holy and precious name.

Please be praying for this girl! (That’s me)

  • That God would provide all finances for me to return to Adelphia this next two terms and to go on the Mission Trip in April. Email or Facebook me for more information regarding how to donate (
  • A restful heart in this busy yet wonderful season of my life
  • The hearts of Bithlo and Portland
  • Students at Adelphia to have transformed lives

Thank you, always, for reading. Comment your thoughts, insights, encouragements, and recipes below!

Thankgiving Post

It’s been too long, and I’m sorry.

As I near the end of my seemingly too-short-of-break experience, I look forward to one last week at the campus of Adelphia Bible School for this Fall Term. Then I will be on a plane in about 10 days for Christmas Break… the time will fly.

I will give a quick re-count of this term for ya since I am expecting a plane to catch on Saturday when I would write again. Hopefully, I will actually do what I say and post pictures instead of just saying that I will and never really do it. Ha – we shall see.

So, this year so far has been very good – very busy, mind you, but very good. Classes look different, work schedule has changed, ‘social life’ is now ‘life that is social some of the time’. Now don’t get me wrong; I LOVE Adelphia 🙂 It’s just this DKS Leadership program has got me on my toes.

Let’s start with the classes. This year, classroom time is Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. But that doesn’t mean learning and growing doesn’t happen the rest of the days of the week. We have themes for each term. This Fall Term’s theme was Identity (in Leadership). We had some guest speakers come in ranging in age and topic level speaking on various forms the issue of Identity. My classmates and I have done experimental learning which takes place outside of the typical classroom setting. In addition to learning about identity to grow in leadership, our Deans have assigned practical, hands-on learning opportunities for leadership. All 9 of us DKS students were divided into three committees – Communications Committee, Chapel Committee, and Events Committee. My committee members are the great and awesome Nate and Susanna (I love them; they are so great!). We had Events this term, so we planned fun days and nights that truly capture the heart of what Adelphia stands for: Christ, Community, and Culture. A few events that my committee members and I came up with and followed through on were these: Spirit Week, an All School Retreat, Less Is More Day Out, and Open Mic Night, and the Annual Adelphia Christmas Party. Class has never looked so different in my entire life.

I have the same job I had last year; I work in the school office. I sit at the front desk and answer the phone. I greet people when they come in and direct them where they need to be. I file, sort, and organize student information and applications. I do a lot of printing. This, in all seriousness, has been one of most favorite jobs I have ever had. I love working in the office! J I also have a great boss and mentor, Leeanne Needham. She is awesome. What I do here in the office looks very similar to what I did last year except for a couple additional responsibilities. I also work 5 more hours a week then I did last year, which takes away five hours in which I did something else. I work all day Mondays and afternoons during the rest of the week, 1PM – 5PM. It’s been busy up in the office, and I have had lots to do. I absolutely don’t mind it though; it helps pay for tuition.

Social Life that kind isn’t really… ha, no it is. Because of all the different things going on (and do to the fact I don’t have a vehicle), I don’t have a lot of time for extra things. I try to, as much as I can, hang out with the gals in my dorm. I find myself drawn to the quiet spaces on campus though, where I find the same girls seeking the same things. When I get the extra free time in the evening, when I have clocked out of work, when there are no pressing events to plan or people to meet, I find myself getting picked up my lovely boyfriend, Trent. I hang out a lot at his family’s home about 15 minutes away from the school. This is always a nice get-a-away from the campus. It’s so inviting here.

This season of my life is fairly busy, not overwhelming, just busy. But I haven’t found myself more drawn to God in any other time in my life than now because of this season. He has been my support and source of life and purpose. It’s been so far an amazing second year. God continues to reveal little bits of who He is to me in my life, as He reveals little bits of who I am and how He has created me to be. I am learning so much about God, life, leadership, and myself. This year just keeps on surprising me.

Stay tuned for more. Thanks for all your support thus far! Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.